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Good news! At Biowert, we are working to replace the single-use economy with a sustainable circular economy. In our updates, we report on important milestones on our journey.

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Biowert signs Charter for Responsible, Sustainable Business

Along with over 200 other responsible companies, Biowert has signed the Charter for Responsible, Sustainable Business at the Annual Conference of the Economic Initiative 2023. This groundbreaking charter translates the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the guiding principles of the Hessian Sustainability Strategy for Businesses in Hesse into concrete principles for action. The Charter for Responsible, Sustainable Business goes beyond mere declarations of intent and focuses on concrete measures to promote sustainable business practices. It includes investments in sustainable business models and innovative solutions, but also principles of social justice, equal opportunities and careful use of local

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A visit to Biowert

The German trade magazine Plastverarbeiter has visited Biowert. The article describes our circular economy from sowing the grass to recycling the well-known clothes hangers and concludes: “Interest in the material is very high, because the sustainability is directly visible in the product.” Read more

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Nationwide Demand!

Grass plastics from the Odenwald is in nationwide demand – Biowert increases production capacity fourfold Due to high demand for the environmentally friendly composite material AgriPlast, Biowert has now invested over 1.5 million euros and commissioned a new production facility at the end of 2021. The construction was completed within a year, so that an additional production area of 500 m2 is now available. Biowert has also invested in a new production line with high-performance granulation, material feed and extraction. The expansion has quadrupled the production capacity. «The current times do not allow us to rest on our achievements,» says

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Clothes hangers made of grass?

The magazine «Alverde» of the German drugstore chain dm just published an interesting article about the grass hanger cooperation between dm and Cortec. Cortec produces the ecological clothes hangers «Corteco» from our raw material AgriPlast. dm magazine “alverde”, October 2021 Read more (in German)

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We look out for wildlife!

Before the grass for our biorefinery was cut, the wildlife rescuers came into action for the first time. They started their special drone in the early morning hours and then systematically searched the meadows with a thermal imaging camera to prevent fawns and other animals hiding in the high meadow grass from being injured by the mower. If the wildlife rescuers spot an animal, it is brought to safety by the local hunter. The drone was to be financed from the proceeds of the farm open day at Schleiersbacher Hof. Since the festival had to be cancelled this year, a

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Visit of the Bioeconomy Expert Council

The Bavarian Bioeconomy Expert Council has paid a visit to Brensbach. Biowert founder and managing director Dr Michael Gass (centre), who is himself a member of the council, shows his guests what remains as residue in our production process: Nothing but nutrient-rich fertiliser.

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What will replace petroleum?

All experts agree: We must stop using fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas as soon as possible. But what comes after that? How can we produce all the things that have become indispensable for us – for example plastics – from renewable raw materials? Dr. Michael Gass, the founder and managing director of Biowert, is a member of the Bioeconomy Expert Council. The committee was founded two years ago to explore opportunities for the bioeconomy in Bavaria. The first results were now presented to the public at a conference in Munich. Watch the video

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Biowert in a well-known German children’s programme

How are clothes hangers made from grass? To answer this question, the well-known German children’s programme “Sendung mit der Maus” visited Biowert and recreated the production process with a meat grinder and a lemon squeezer. Our recommendation: Must see!

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The Association of German Engineers (VDI)

The VDI guideline 6310** of the influential Association of German Engineers describes the Biowert plant Brensbach as an example – which means it demonstrably meets the strict quality criteria for a green biorefinery! Press release VDI 6310 (in German)

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Ernst-Pelz-Prize for Michael Gass

The renowned Ernst-Pelz-Prize for merits in the field of renewable resources goes to Dr.-Ing. Michael Gass, managing director and founder of Biowert! The Bavarian Minister of Agriculture Helmut Brunner presented the award on 7 July at the 22nd C.A.R.M.E.N. Symposium in Würzburg.  Read more

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