Fertiliser AgriFer closes the nutrient cycle

At Biowert, our goal is to produce zero waste and zero wastewater. That is why we use our raw material as completely as possible. In addition to the cellulose and energy, the nutrients contained in the grass are also recycled. The farmers who supply us with grass use the fertiliser AgriFer for their meadows. Thus closing the cycle.

In nature, everything is recycled. When the leaves fall from the trees in the forest, they are decomposed by insects, fungi and microorganisms until the nutrients they contain can be reabsorbed by the trees. At Biowert, we want to utilise our raw material just as comprehensively. We separate the cellulose from the grass and return the rest to nature as a fertiliser called AgriFer.

AgriFer is superior to conventional fertilisers

AgriFer has several advantages over conventional nitrogen fertilisers. As a completely natural product, AgriFer promotes biodiversity and maintains long-term soil fertility. Similar to the foliage on the forest floor, the organic matter in AgriFer has not yet completely decomposed, so that microorganisms find food and the nutrient input is distributed over a longer period than with chemical fertilisers.

Since AgriFer has a constant nutrient content, farmers can easily calculate the amount they need. The quality is proven by an RAL test certificate and is checked regularly throughout the year. Another advantage of AgriFer is that it is liquid and penetrates the soil immediately. Some of the nutrients are immediately available for the plant – and water, another important resource, is also returned to the field.

AgriFer is completely biodegradable. As it is a natural by-product of the fermentation of biomass, no fossil fuels are used for its production. AgriFer therefore reduces the dependence on oil and gas imports as well.

If you have any questions about AgriFer or would like to purchase the fertiliser from us, please contact us!

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