Pictures from the biorefinery

What does our biorefinery look like from the inside? Which AgriPlast products are already available? Get an insight into our company and our circular economy through our photos.

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AgriPlast products

Millions of the sustainable hangers made from AgriPlast are already in use in German retail shops.

The GRPL hanging system was designed by the South African designer Ryan Frank.

The GRPL hanging system is modelled on a crane hook and available in various colours.

The AgriPlast sunglasses look good and feel good.

The AgriPlast stacking boxes show that even complex parts can easily be created from the material.

An extensive range of AgriPlast products can be manufactured by injection moulding.

The residues from cellulose production are processed into biogas, which is collected in our gas storage tank on the Biowert site.

A glimpse into our biorefinery – the only facility in the world to process grass on an industrial scale.

The Biowert circular economy

The Biowert cycle shows the processes in our biorefinery and how all the components of the grass are utilised.

Grass is a raw material that is abundantly available almost everywhere in the world.

Cellulose fibers can be used for many different applications.

The AgriPlast granulate consists of cellulose fibers and recycled plastic. It is suitable for both injection moulding and extrusion.

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