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Grass replaces plastic – this fascinating idea is very popular with the media. Our press review shows how daily newspapers and trade publications report on our biorefinery, on our circular economy and on the various products made from AgriPlast.

We are always pleased to welcome journalists to the Odenwald. If you would like to get to know our company, please feel free to contact us!

Obviously sustainable

The Plastverarbeiter magazine has visited Biowert and features our circular economy.

April 2023

Circular Economy: Biowert’s expertise nationwide in demand (in German)

Biowert’s know-how is in demand nationwide, according to a press release on OpenPR .

November 2022

Clothes hangers made of grass? (in German)

The alverde magazin reports on the most successful product made from AgriPlast, the clothes hangers made from grass.

October 2022

How is grass turned into plastic? (in German)

Plastverarbeiter describes AgriPlast as a sustainable alternative to plastics.

August 2022

Grass – a raw material from the meadow (in German)

In a new publication by a state agency for economic development, Biowert is presented as a real-life example.

August 2022

Grass, gas and bioplastics (in German)

The Biogas Journal invites their readers on a tour of our biorefinery.

August 2022

Grass plastic for toys, decoration and clothes hangers (in German)

The German broadsheet Frankfurter Allgemeine reports on the clothes hangers made from grass.

July 2022

Biowert: Production capacity for grass plastic quadrupled (in German)

An article about our new production hall and our new production line has appeared on the Plasticker platform.

May 2022

Clothes hangers & Co. made from grass (in German)

The Hessenschau, a regional news program, visited our biorefinery and produced a feature about Biowert.

April 2022

Plastics made from grass (in German)

The state agency for economic developmenthas included Biowert in a publication about “Plastics. Towards a circular economy”.

December 2021

Biowert Industrie GmbH: Jens Meyer zu Drewer takes over as managing director (in German)

The platform Renewable Carbon News introduces our new managing director Jens Meyer zu Drewer.

November 2021

Biowert Grass Refinery (in English)

A case study by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on our biorefinery.

July 2019

From grass compound to VDI white paper (in German)

The trade publication energie aus pflanzen – Fachmagazin für Bioenergie und -ökonomie presents our company and our products.

February 2018

The grass factory: from crazy idea to best practice example (in German)

The Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung newsletter reports on the bioeconomy and Biowert as a real-life example.

January 2018

A compound from renewable resources (in German)

A publication of the state ministry of economics cites our biorefinery as an example.

October 2015

Grass becomes plastic and more (in German)

A research institute reports on our circular economy.

April 2015

Smells like grass (in German)

The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag describes AgriPlast as a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics.

January 2015

First grass refinery in the world receives important award (in German)

In a press release on the platform OpenPR, we report that Dr Michael Gass, the founder of Biowert, has been honored with the prestigious Ernst-Pelz-Prize.

July 2014

When cups grow on the meadow (in German)

The local newspaper Darmstädter Echo focuses on our biorefinery in a supplement on the topic of energy.

April 2013

A change of substance (in German)

An article in the magazine natur deals with alternatives to conventional, petroleum-based plastics.

October 2012

Natural plastic (in German)

Futurzwei magazine presents Biowert as an encouraging story about life in tomorrow’s world.

January 2012

Unique: aha cosmetics packaging made from 50 per cent grass (in German)

The magazine odenwald regional reports on cream jars, lipstick cases and powder compacts made of AgriPlast.

July 2010

Plastics from a meadow (in German)

The Swiss
WOZ weekly newspaper
tells the story of how Biowert came into being.

October 2009

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