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with products made from grass

When, in 2016, the famous German children’s programme Die Sendung mit der Maus reported on clothes hangers made from grass, it sounded like a wild idea. Now the hangers are the most popular product made from AgriPlast, millions of them are used in German retail shops, and we have quadrupled the production capacity of our biorefinery.

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Our biorefinery is a pioneer of the circular economy

Although we use around 15,000 tons of grass and other input materials every year, we produce virtually no waste or wastewater. Our ecological footprint is so small because the materials in our biorefinery are processed almost without residues. The energy comes from renewable sources and the water is recycled as well.


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Biorefineries could soon be everywhere

At Biowert, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: We want to become one of the leading suppliers of sustainable plastics. Our biorefinery in the Odenwald region is the prototype for “grass factories” that could go into operation virtually anywhere – provided there is sufficient grass in the surrounding area.


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