At Biowert, we have a very simple goal. We want to use our raw materials as efficiently as possible in a closed-loop recycling process, so that we generate no waste water or waste products and only utilise minimum resources.

Located in the Odenwald region and unique worldwide, our biorefinery is the beating heart of the Biowert process – the grass factory. This is where we process meadow grass in several stages into innovative materials. Local farmers supply us with the meadow grass.

That means our production process is ecologically, regionally and socially responsible:

It is ecological because we use extremely resource-saving work processes and are constantly developing innovations that reduce the use of plastic, CO2 emissions and the environmental impact overall.

It is regional because we process meadow grass, a raw material from the Odenwald region.

It is socially responsible because we are committed heart and soul to further developing agriculture in the region and beyond. Thus we offer our employees and business partners a sustainable outlook for the future.

The Biowert plant in Brensbach Grass: the Biowert raw material Harvesting the grass from the local region Storage and preparation of grass silage Storage and preparation of grass silage Storage and preparation of grass silage Biomass energy-recovery Biowert production facilities Biowert production facilities
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