AgriCell<sup>BW</sup> natural fibres Präz: renovation of house and stable, Graubünden (CH) architectural practice Ivo Bösch, Thomas Wirz Präz: old constructions, natural insulation, modern living… Residential house Maiwald: detached timber framed house – Architect: Busch and Liebig, Darmstadt Passive house made from ecological building materials, Wohnhaus im Odenwald – architect: Heinrich Schäfer, Reichelsheim Blow-in insulation with AgriCell<sup>BW</sup>; Wohnhaus Maiwald Renovation of a listed villa – Villa Stroof, Frankfurt, architectural practice Kaffenberger, Reinheim SpiraliK Centrum, Allschwil: Detached house and medical practice – building owner and design Dominik Schenker SpiraliK Centrum, Allschwil: insulation with AgriCell<sup>BW</sup> Wooden prefab house architect: Petershaus Wooden prefab house architect: Petershaus Straw-bale house, Bad König: architectural practice shaktihaus

Easily applied

Warm in Winter, cool in Summer, clean dry air all year

Approved, certified and monitored

MPA Quality label: controlled regularly by MPA Nordrhein-Westfalen

Safe from rodents, insects, mould

Made from 100% natural grass cellulose, an excellent insulator, cleaned of all nutrients and made fire safe, AgriCellBW is the perfect blow-in insulation material for wall, roof and floor cavities. AgriCellBW naturally controls the absorption and release of water vapour to ensure the ideal building environment. Downloads / Product flyer

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