AgriPlast<sup>BW</sup> granules suitable for injection moulding or extrusion applications Environment-friendly electricity junction boxes Select and stylish, injection moulded mugs Multicoloured injection moulded storage boxes ‘Terrace Profile’ extruded decking Samples of lipstick shells, dyed using biodegradable dyes Small compacts Various injection moulded products

Reducing the need for petroleum based polymers by up to 75%, AgriPlastBW also enables weight reduction compared to other composite plastics, creating demonstrable energy savings in product logistics. Improved dimensional stability, stiffness and abrasion resistance deliver prolonged product lifetimes reducing consumption and waste.
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Granules suitable for injection moulding or extrusion applications

Use of recycled plastic source material
(PP, PE and diverse biodegradable plastics)

Fire protection without Antimony or Halogens (IEC 60695-1-11:2000)

Variable fibre content by process and application 30:70 – 75:25

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