January 2019
Remembering Dr. Michael Gass

«At first, they laughed at us,» said our founder and managing director Dr. Michael Gass in a recent interview about the beginnings of the Biowert Industrie GmbH. «Because we weren't a research department or a university, people thought what we were doing was hopeless.»

But the breakthrough on the market came only a short time later, based among other things on the recognition by important institutions such as the VDI and the patent offices in the USA and China, which considered the Biowert process worthy of protection. Further important milestones were the renowned Ernst-Pelz-Award for Michael Gass in 2013 and his election to the Bavarian Bioeconomy Council of Economic Experts.

This brief outline of the history of Biowert Industrie GmbH shows that Michael Gass was a pioneer of the circular economy and worked tirelessly to establish a socially and ecologically responsible company. We will continue to pursue this goal in his name.

Michael Gass passed away completely unexpectedly on 6 January 2019, and we say goodbye to a special person with great sadness, with gratitude and respect.

Our sympathy goes out to his family. We will all miss Michael.

Jürgen Eidenmüller, Ann-Kathrin Geis, Mathias Gößling, Robin Huber, Lothar Köhler, Betina Kolletzky, Waldemar Lasar, Martina Menger, Burkhard Pohl, Brigitta Schäfer, Vera Schwinn, Aline Telek

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